Ted Butler
Reverse Mortgage Expert

Helping you move from "Opinion to Knowledge", and just as importantly move from "Knowledge to Understanding" with the FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, the modern Reverse Mortgage.

As a Home Equity Retirement Specialist my primary focus is in assisting recent or soon to be retirees help make sure that they have enough cash flow to last their entire retirement. In addition, I spend time working with planners and advisers to help insure cash flow survival in the retirement distribution phase. Recent articles from the Journal of Financial Planning show that housing wealth can play a key role in mitigating sequence of returns risk and reverse dollar cost averaging.

I am a certified Continuing Education instructor with the American CE Institute and work with Certified Financial Planners, Financial Advisers, Insurance Specialists, Realtors and Builders teaching the use of the FHA HECM as a planning and purchase finance option. In service, and gratitude.