Michael J. O'Connor, Ph.D.
Income Tax and Social Security Expert

Michael O’Connor is an Income Tax and Social Security subject matter expert for Economic Security Planning, Inc., a company specializing in financial planning software. O’Connor has a PhD in Operations Research from the University of Illinois and he specializes in Social Security, Federal and State income taxes, and Medicare.

O’Connor culminated a 37-year military research career as the Director of Research and Development for the US Army Corps of Engineers, in which he was the Science Advisor to the Chief of Engineers and he oversaw the Corps of Engineers $750 million-dollar research program. He subsequently managed a Division of SAIC, Inc. engaged in computational electromagnetics research and radar modeling.

O’Connor prepared income tax returns for H&R Block for two years. Since 2005, he has been an avid user of ESPlanner, a financial planning program for households. O’Connor has worked as an analyst/programmer for Economic Security Planning, Inc. since July 2011.